Dispatches from the Road

I forgot that Nashville is on Central Time, so my old bones feel like it is two hours later than it is. Both flights were smooth but full, and there is nothing like flying to remind me how much I dislike flying. Airborne containers of misery and over-crowding. But the 6-inches of seat I was allotted was mitigated by the 10 tiny pretzels I received. They really should change the name of the class from “economy” to “miserly.”

My hotel is in the heart of downtown Nashville (I think). It is connected to the convention center where the conference is, and my room overlooks the Predators’ arena. My room is nice too: a king-sized bed all to myself and a huge bathroom. It’s a standard hotel room, but it seems a lot grander. Oh la la!

I had dinner by myself. When we travel for work, Jimmy and I have a rule that we eat well or at least eat what we want. This meal was pretty much all of my meals for the day, so that assuaged a little guilt about having an appetizer and entree!

The news from the home front is that everyone is behaving well and cooperating.

So ends Day 1 in Nashville. The conference kicks off at 8 AM tomorrow and country music’s best and brightest are pouring into the city for the CMA Awards. I hope Nashville’s ready for us.




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