A Vestigial Organ Bites the Dust

Thank you for all the good wishes for surgery yesterday.  It went well and quickly.  I had been dreading the 2-hour wait between check-in and surgery because I am not very patient, but it went by very quickly, especially since the nurse and docs were coming in to prep, talk, have me sign stuff, start IVs etc. Next thing we knew, it was time for me head back to the OR.

I woke up in recovery fairly easily and despite being very groggy, I was able to have some ginger ale and carry on a conversation.  I didn’t even hurt as much although the morphine they gave me certainly had something to do with that!

The doctor found and removed only one cyst: apparently the one on my right ovary was dragging down a bunch of stuff and made it look like there was a cyst on the left one too. Not being overly familiar with anatomy, I’m not sure how that works unless the cyst was about the size of a bowling ball but the bottom line was that there wasn’t a cyst on the left ovary.

The big news is that they also removed my appendix. That was a surprise.  My doctor is a man of few words, so I’m sure I’ll get more information at my follow-up in 2 weeks, but from what I understand, the endometrioma had adhered to the appendix. I don’t know if the appendix was irritated or swollen, but they decided it needed to be removed first. The doctor did state matter-of-factly that I would need to stay on BCPs.

Of all the scenarios Jimmy and I went over, removing the appendix had never occurred to me!

We were home by 3:30 and after talking to Daniel, I went to sleep. I’ve been sleeping off an on since 4 PM yesterday. Overall, I feel decent. I’m still bloated and the CO2 is slowly working its way out, but I’m less sleepy.  Today my abdomen is sore like I’ve done 1000 sit-ups, but I’m taking it very, very easy. Lots of ginger ale, broth, crackers and light TV.  And a pain pill when I need it.

Jimmy is taking great care of me – yesterday was his birthday! Nothing like spending your birthday with your wife having surgery! Better than being at work, n’est-ce pas?  Daniel is having a great time with MIL, and I was so relieved we had a good morning and school drop-off with him yesterday.  The cats are irate at not being able to be in the bedroom, but they’ll get over it.

So far, so good. I might even crack a book today (Mina, I decided against GoT based on your comment. I could do without blood and gore right now!).

Adieu, appendix.  I apologize for you being brought into the endo mess and removed, but I guess that’s the life of a vestigial organ.


  1. Glad to hear your surgery went well! I’ve not had problems with my appendix, but my husband did. OMG! He was in pain when it was irritated just before removed it. YOu’ll never have to worry about that. *grin*

    Keep up the speedy recovery!

  2. If something had to happen and organs had to come out, having the appendix removed is the best scenario under such circumstances. Overall, you sound quite chipper, so for that I am glad.

    Phillipa Gregory is a good choice. But for the record, I have to say this: Do pick up GoT when you are better. I told my husband a bit about why I picked up and gave up and picked up again this book, and it was obviously a mistake, since by now it has been months since I am telling him to read the bloody book, and he comes up with another excuse each and every time. It really is an enthralling read. With the gore of medival times, but enthralling nonetheless.

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