On the Eve of Breaking Bad’s Final Season

My infatuation with meth will come to an end very soon.


The final season of Breaking Bad starts tomorrow night.  We are soooo excited about it, especially since I realized that not having cable will not deter us from being able to watch the show very soon after it airs (ahem HBO and Game of Thrones). It’s funny that these are the things you think about when you don’t have cable any longer. Also, it points out how this whole cable subscription model needs to end and likely will end soon, but I digress. People don’t necessarily want free TV but they do want to be able to see the shows they want! I don’t think that will fit on a bumper sticker :-/

Bidding adieu to Walter White and family. Wow. So dysfunctional, yet so relatable. Who hasn’t wanted to flip off the day job and say “screw the establishment! There must be a better way?” Granted, illegal activities aren’t usually the best way to accomplish this. But who am I to judge?

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about this series and the rekindled love for science & chemistry it gave me (dear readers, I used to profess that I did not believe atoms existed. Can you imagine?), but for now, I want to honor the show that brought me such enjoyment on the eve of its final season.  Here are a few awesome, amazing, possibly stupefying, links:

If you are watching the final season, let me know what you think!


  1. I’m just now watching the first season with my hubby. He’s seen it already, but is nice enough to re-watch it with me (and mostly keep his mouth shut). hahaha

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