LTYM 2013 Video Launch

Now for some good news!

Thanks to the support of National Video Sponsor The Partnership at, LTYM celebrates the release of over 300 new videos from our 2013 season on the  LTYMShow YouTube channel!   LTYM is proud to share The Partnership’s message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse. Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic.  The Partnership at is a national nonprofit dedicated to solving the problem of teen substance abuse.  The Medicine Abuse Project is a multi-year national campaign of The Partnership at, with the goal of preventing half a million teens from abusing prescription medicine by the year 2017.

You can access LTYM: Raleigh-Durham’s videos here:

And here’s the link to mine 🙂


I am so thrilled to be able to revisit Raleigh-Durham’s wonderful performances and cannot wait to watch the videos from the other cities.


  1. I love your voice! This is so amazing. I am so glad they posted these for those of us who lived too far away to come.

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