One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Daniel’s interests have switched from trains to garbage trucks in a major way. He always liked garbage trucks along with his trains, but now he plays with them more than his trains (um…what to do with the train table in our living room?).

I get it. Garbage trucks are big and have huge, moving parts. There is a lot of variety (so I’m learning) in how they pick up garbage, their shape and their color. Even better, they are more accessible than trains to his daily life.  Every day is garbage day for some house in our neighborhood of 300 houses.  Our county doesn’t provide garbage service, so each household selects its waste management company independently.  As a result, there are many different types of garbage trucks and garbage cans for Daniel to see every day.

Daniel can identify the sound of a rumbling garbage truck before I register that something is coming down the street.  Many times I have heard him shout, “garbage truck” and run to raise the blind on the window so he can look out.

We’ve given Daniel a few chores to do and by far, his favorite is to help his daddy take the garbage out to the curb. Wednesday may be our garbage day, but Tuesday means that when we get home, he must help roll the can to the curb.  He does it joyfully, grinning from ear to ear.

I told Daniel he could grow up to drive a garbage truck, but he looked at me as if I were teasing him. I don’t think he believes me.

Being a boy mom has altered how I perceive the world, and I find wonder in so many things I used to scorn before or simply not notice. Including garbage trucks.

For now, at 4, taking out the trash is fun for him. We’ll see if he still feels the same way at 14.

Garbage Can

Garbage Can

Memories Captured


  1. Abby loves garbage trucks too, and taking the can to the road, and bringing it back to the porch. We know our younger garbagemen are the friendly ones, always returning a wave. And you’re right, she can hear the truck coming before it’s even on our street!

    1. I love that Abby loves garbage trucks too! That is awesome. We don’t know our garbagemen, but MIL’s got to know Daniel well when she watched him. So sweet to hear how they would wave at him and look for him.

  2. Awww! I love this! HGB is all buses right now, but yeah, he can hear them a mile away. Daniel must LOVE THAT literally every day is garbage day!

    1. Kids’ hearing is amazing! Yeah, he’ll ask, “Is it garbage day?” or answer “Wednesday!” if I ask him what day it is b/c he so wants it to be our garbage day 🙂

  3. My little brother was obsessed with garbage trucks when we were kids. I remember being so embarrassed when we would go to the grocery store and he would hang off the cart like a garbage man, jump off and grab things off the shelf, and throw them in the cart like he was throwing trash. Ha! We also kept Gatorade in the fridge in our garage and my brother would run to the garbage men when they came by to give them a bottle. He LOVED it (and I’m sure they loved him too!)

  4. Visiting from Memories Captured. Your son is adorable!! I have an almost 16 year old and he is not excited about taking the garbage out, unfortunately, or any other chore for that matter. But he can work on a farm all day in the summer pulling weeds and planting, which is much harder, You’d think he’d like taking the garbage out!

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