The World According to Daniel

Mini Elton John

Daniel or baby Elton John?

The (Unintentionally) Inappropriate

Daniel, to himself, as he puts on his pants: That’s not the right hole.

Me: That’s a life lesson.


Daniel, at story time: Mommy, I want to get in you

(He means he wants my arms around him, but my eyebrows raise & I snicker like a 13-year-old boy every time he says it)

The Sassy

Daniel, after dropping a starfish in the car: Mommy, get that for me.

Me: I can’t; I’m driving.

Daniel: Oh, I think you can.

Me: !!!!


Me: Can you share your water with Elly (the starfish)?

Daniel: No. I will not share with Elly.

Me: Would you share your water with me?

Daniel: No. I will share with myself. I’m not sharing with anyone.


Me, during tuck time: Can I have one more hug and kiss?

Daniel, rolling over: I’ve already given you one.

The Sweet

Daniel:  Elly and Henry (two of his starfish) are best friends.

Me: Who is your best friend, Daniel?

Daniel: You are, mommy.  You’re my best friend.

Me: unable to respond because I’m a puddle on the floor.

cuddling with starfish

A quick cuddle with his starfish


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