Mercury Retrograde Part 2

I think this picture says it all:

It's a great Saturday that involves your car and a tow truck

It’s a great Saturday that involves your car and a tow truck

After running a few errands with Daniel, I attempted to start my car and nada. Tried it again.  Nothing but a clicky sound.  I called Jimmy, and he met us with his jumper kit.  We tried to jump my car three times, and it didn’t work, so we assumed it must be the starter or alternator or a fuse or something like that (I’m not good with car stuff).

Jimmy called a tow truck, and the truck towed my car to the Honda dealership.  I was mentally rearranging my week since my car being in the shop meant we would have to carpool; we’re not good carpoolers.  The tow truck driver said that he thought it really was the battery, so he tried to jump it.

Voila! Apparently his cables are better than ours because it worked! Jimmy, the tow truck driver and I drove to Advance Auto Parts so we could buy a new battery.   I parked in a weird spot and forgot that I shouldn’t cut off the car, killing the charge.  I felt like such a stupid girl in front of Jimmy and the tow truck driver: “Tee hee! Oops! I forgot to keep the car running.” Gah!

We finally had the new battery installed and it worked.  Daniel and I drove home while Jimmy got takeout since our Saturday was pretty much shot at that point.

Daniel was a prince, especially since our adventure took place during the time we attempt nap/quiet time, and we certainly hadn’t prepared to be out of the house for almost 6 hours.  The day was great fun for him.  He got 3 chocolate chip cookies out of it, but what he liked most of all was seeing the tow truck.  It looked almost exactly like his Bruder tow truck, and he was enthralled as he watched it tow my car.  The second time he saw it, he jumped up and down, shouting, “TOW TRUCK!”

Tow truck!

Tow truck!

Daniel told me that he wanted a life-size tow truck.  I asked him where it would live.  He replied, “the road!” I think he wants to be a tow truck driver when he grows up 🙂

Tow truck! Tow truck!

Tow truck! tow truck!

Transportation problems: check! Well played, Mercury Retrograde.  Well played.


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