LTYM: Raleigh-Durham Update!


The Listen to Your Mother website for Raleigh-Durham went live this morning!  Please feel free to bookmark the site as it will be where we post the official information about performance date, venue, and time as well as audition information and sponsor information.

Marty and I have been busily contacting potential venues, and it’s been more of a challenge than we anticipated to find suitable space that can seat at least 300 people AND is available Mother’s Day weekend.  The latter condition is the one we are having the most problem with since Mother’s Day weekend is apparently a hot commodity in the area.   Contacting venues and receiving rejection after rejection reminds me of trying to find a reception site for our wedding years ago.  We got married in December (ahem tomorrow), and I had a difficult time finding a place that wasn’t already booked for holiday parties or didn’t require a much higher food and beverage minimum during the lucrative holiday season.

We still have a few irons in the fire, so I’m confident we’ll find an awesome space for the show.


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