Fudge and Shortbread: Baking a Difference for the Garden State

Bake Sale for Sandy Relief

I believe I am a bit selfish and self-centered.  I admit it.  While I don’t think I have many of the stereotypical (usually negative) traits of the only child, I do have a few.   I may admit it, but I’m not proud of it, and along with other changes I want to make and goals I want to pursue this year, I want to be more giving, more selfless, more a member of the broader community.

My bloggy friend Justine of A Half-Baked Life lives in New Jersey and after experiencing Hurricane Sandy and seeing the devastation it brought to many areas of the state, came up with the idea of an online auction of baked goods with proceeds going to the United Way to benefit Sandy relief efforts.  I signed up immediately.  I like to bake, and this is my season of baking and frankly, baking something for auction was an easy way for me to contribute something to the cause.

I have relatives in New Jersey who were without power for a week; while their experience is minor compared to the utter devastation experienced by other residents, being without power for a week is unimaginable in this day and time.   I also have great empathy for the victims.  North Carolina has had its fair share of storms that wreaked havoc and while I’ve had the great fortune not to lose a home (knock on wood), I’ve been through several storms that left us without power for several days and brought our city to a standstill.  I’ve also seen landmarks that I had visited or saw from my vacation window year after year disappear in the blink of an eye in the wrath of a storm.

Finally, it’s a hell of a time to lose everything.  That sounds trite because when is it a good time?  But now, with the economy sputtering along and as we move into the holiday season, it seems like the worst time to be in need of so much.  As we move from holidays celebrating thankfulness and gratitude to ones celebrating giving and joy, I can’t think of a better time for us to continue to remember and help Sandy’s victims.

For the auction, I’m making a batch of key-lime fudge and dark chocolate-espresso shortbread.  I’ve made these recipes for years and give them in goodie bags every Christmas, so they are tried and true recipes (just ask my in-laws!).  They represent opposite sides of the taste spectrum, but they are decadent and oh-so-good.  If you are interested, I encourage you to bid on them. Bidding starts at $20.  If you’d still like to donate without bidding on an item, you can do so here.

Bidding is open now and will continue until 11:59 PM EST Monday, November 26.

Let’s do some good.


  1. I am so moved by everyone’s willingness to rally around this cause, and this event! And honestly … I don’t think you’re self-centered at all. 🙂

    Thank you!! xo, j.

  2. Wow, Those both look delicious! I wish I could have those recipes! 😉
    I love that you are baking these for a great cause, and I also love how you started the post… looking at how to change yourself for the better! There is always room for improvement!

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