November Hodge Podge

Today is a hodge podge post.  It was a gorgeous weekend in North Carolina.  Warm and colorful. We spent some time outside, and I love seeing how our neighborhood looks in the Fall now that the leaves have changed.

View from our driveway

Our house from the street, hidden behind trees


View from our mailbox

Some little boy also loves to collect leaves.

Gorgeous tree and beautiful boy


Sweet Pea with leaf

We went to the grocery store today, and we found Christmas sprinkles that Daniel demanded we buy.  He didn’t have to twist our arms too much because I am a sucker for Christmas cookies.

We have a deal going right now that if he naps, he gets a naptime surprise.  Typically that involves ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles (I know, I know).  Today, Daniel wanted his Christmas sprinkles.  I watched him shake them onto his ice cream with bemusement because I am sooooo excited and ready to prepare for the holidays with him.

Hmmm which sprinkle to choose?

I’m not the only one I know participating in NaBloPoMO.  Here are a few other awesome bloggers who would welcome a hello:

I hope you had a great weekend and may your week be wonderful.  I’m in the office all week, which makes me feel happy.  Very few meetings!!!!!


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