Flipping Off Monday

I promise that I don’t use this blog for bitching.  Much.  But today earned it.

At 5 PM I picked up Daniel from daycare and headed home to where Jimmy was waiting. At 6 PM I was sitting in the local urgent care waiting room.  I don’t know if you frequent urgent care centers, but there are always…interesting …people there.  But I digress.  I won’t go into the specifics of why I was at urgent care, but I will tell you that it wasn’t for a serious issue, but it also wasn’t an issue that I wanted to leave for tomorrow afternoon or whenever I could get into see my general practitioner.  Ahem.

I had my vitals checked.  I listed my symptoms for the nurse.  I listed them again for the doctor.  I endured inquiries into how much caffeine I drink, how much water I drank, what kind of job I had (was this a medical appointment or speed dating?).  Finally, the doctor said he’d send the prescription to my local Walgreens.

I drove to the Walgreens up the street.  The doctor had said it would take 15 minutes or so for the prescription to be received, so I killed time by looking for new eye cream (I’m diligent about under-eye care).  I studied the make-up aisle.  I wandered down the shampoo aisle.  I investigated the holiday displays, noting the drugstore had some good deals on LED window candles and outside decorations.  If I spent much more time there, I might emerge with an exterior light plan and all of our Christmas shopping done.

Thinking enough time had passed, I headed to the pharmacy section and was informed that no prescription had come in for me.  DAMN.  I sat down and proceeded to have quality time with my iPhone.  5 minutes later, I was informed my prescription had arrived.  Then the Walgreens became the hottest spot in town with a billion people in line for complicated prescriptions.  I sat and surfed.  Jimmy called.  He and Daniel were beginning story time.  When I had left the house that evening, I didn’t think I would be gone so long, but surely I would be home before Daniel was in bed.

Ten minutes later, the pharmacy informed me my second prescription had arrived.  Second???  I surfed more.  More people came.  Jimmy tucked in Daniel. I waited and waited.  My battery crept lower.  Jimmy informed me he had tucked in Daniel a few more times.  I watched someone in the chair next to me fall asleep. Just as I was beginning to worry that the pharmacy had forgotten about me, my name was called.

It was 8:30. I left and headed home, 2.5 hours after I left.  Sure, I had the prescriptions in hand finally, but I didn’t get to kiss my sweet boy good night.  Hell, where was my night?

I did get quality time to pick out new mascara and under eye cream.  That’s what awesome Monday nights are made of, right?

Couldn’t even splurge for name brand eye cream

I don’t know.  I think this may sum up my feelings on the evening more succinctly:


Giving the finger to Monday

Flipping off Monday



  1. Ugh, I have totally wasted a whole battery charge sitting at Walgreens, and in the middle of the night with no other customers! I loathe filling scripts there, but that’s our only option after hours. I hope it gets better!

    1. Theoretically it’s to tackle fine lines, bags and dark circles. I think it helps because I can feel tightening when I use it, but maybe I’m deluding myself. It’s the generic of the ROC eye cream.

  2. Nobody gives Monday the finger like you do! Let’s hope this election day goes well and you don’t have to flip off Tuesday too!

  3. Arrrrrrrgh! Waiting for Rxs makes me INSANE. I feel you. But I firmly believe that a new tube of Great Lash makes everything look better. 🙂

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