Halloween and NaBloPoMo

Nothing seems to be going exactly as planned or desired lately and that applies doubly to holidays.  Just once I’d like to feel truly prepared for an occasion instead of finishing up preparations at the last minute; our Halloween was no exception.

I picked up Daniel early from daycare yesterday, excited to take my little boy home and get ready for trick-or-treating.  Daniel didn’t want to leave and threw a temper tantrum, resulting in me carrying him out to the car and wrestling him into his car seat against his wishes to do it himself.  Not exactly the way I wanted our evening to start.

By the time we got home, Daniel was all smiles again, and I rushed to make him dinner while Jimmy carved the pumpkins.  That’s right: we had done everything but carve them. An important step, don’t you think?  I hustled Daniel into his costume, lit candles, put candy in a bowl and tried to keep myself from hopping impatiently from one foot to another while Jimmy finished.

Finally, the pumpkins were ready and so were we.  The three of us headed out into the chilly night (a rarity for Halloween in North Carolina). At the first house, Daniel clung shyly to my leg but finally managed a “trick or treat!” when the door was opened.  That was all it took for the stress of the evening to melt away and for the magic of the night to take over.

I’ve mentioned before (OK, a lot) that I love Halloween and celebrating it with my family of 3 is one of the sweetest milestones after our years of infertility.  Each year since Daniel was a baby, we have reveled in celebrating it from that first year when we overdressed him as a lion in an outfit lovingly made by his Mimi to this year when he told us what he wanted to be. But this year was the best so far.  This year was the year that Halloween clicked for Daniel.  We prepped by reading Halloween books, and he practiced shouting “Trick or Treat” for weeks.  After discovering candy last Halloween, he knew very well what kind of treats awaited him at each house. This was the year that our little boy grinned, grabbed both of our hands and practically ran down the driveway and from house to house.

We had intended to go to only a few houses and be out no more than 30 minutes, but Daniel kept insisting on just one more house.  We walked up and down the street for an hour, and it was only as we walked up our driveway that Daniel whispered for me to pick him up.

Back in the house, Daniel and Jimmy went through the candy in his bag, one of Jimmy’s favorite parts of Halloween from childhood.  One lollipop and a few stories later, Daniel fell asleep immediately while Jimmy extinguished Halloween outside and inside.

Look at all the sugar!

31 days of excitement and anticipation, and it was over in a few short hours.  Halloween came and went in a rush.  I don’t know how many trick-or-treaters we had.  I barely saw our pumpkins lit.  I don’t mind, though.  The best hour we had all night was walking around our neighborhood with our little cookie.  If that’s all the Halloween that I get to experience, I’m OK with that.


NaBloPoMo November 2012

NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is here again, and I’m going to participate! That means 30 posts, one for every day.  I think it will be a bigger challenge than last year because we seem to be so much busier or maybe it’s just that life abhors a vacuum, and we’ve traded one type of stress for another.   Feel free to prod me if I appear to be getting into a rut or slump.  Or if a daily post from me is more than you can take, I bid you adieu until December 1.  You can also check out some other people crazy intrepid enough to tackle this challenge on BlogHer and Yeah Write


  1. I’m looking forward to the year our kids understand Halloween enough to look forward to it. Our two year old had fun, but she didn’t really know what was going on, and it took us quite a while to get through the six houses on our court. Which was fine, actually, given it was raining.

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