Sucky Sickness & Sinuses

This week was busy & one of those in which you feel a step behind the entire time. Daniel brought home day care illness #5, 049, 221. He didn’t seem to feel bad other than a cough and a runny nose, but it hit me last Saturday and is still hanging around causing trouble. Who knew snot could be so…green? And copious? And…I’ll stop. I do vaguely remember a time when I didn’t get sick.

Don’t I look pitiful? Swollen eyes, throbbing head…good times.

Last Sunday, Daniel decided that sleeping at night was optional and after being awake from 1am until 1pm, fell asleep on his favorite pillow: me.

Apparently I make a really awesome pillow

Wednesday, my snot and I went to Lexington for a work event, and it was the highlight of the week and one of my favorite things to do at work. It is so inspiring to fill a room with manufacturers and hear their stories, especially in a plant that had been slated for closure until the plant manager began making improvements that turned around the plant. I wasn’t only an observer at this event: I presented on a grant-funded project I am part of. It was spectacularly awesome because we had technical difficulties. Apparently my years of theater paid off because I maintained a modicum of poise and soldiered on. Even better, my mother was in attendance because she works close by. As I attempted to present, I noticed her taking pictures as if it were my 4th grade play. All at once: awwwwwwww!!

Manufacturing Makes It Real Network Members

I’ve been popping sudafed all week, so hopefully my coworkers and anyone else have been enjoying my addled, occasionally manic state. This…plague is the never-ending illness and today Jimmy awoke with the all-too familiar symptoms of scratchy throat, fever & snot. Yay.

I got it together enough to cease my zombie-like shuffling around the house to take Daniel to a birthday party at a local museum this afternoon. A Daniel that had not napped in an environment with lots of kids and animals. We survived. Barely. No animals were hurt, and Daniel kept it together enough to add sugary icing and ice cream to his exhausted state.

Sugar! More sugar on top of exhaustion please!

Daniel just fell asleep. Time for us to med up, eat and watch Breaking Bad, our new addiction (ha ha).

May next week be calmer & healthier. The temperature today was unseasonably cool for August and if I pretended, I could almost believe it were Autumn. Autumn is when I feel like I come alive. Soon……


  1. Oh, you DO look pitiful in that picture! I hope someone made you soup. Or tea. Or something lovely like that.

    I love autumn, too. And I can’t wait … sort of. A little conflicted because it’s “back to school” and I’m not going back to school. BUT. At least it will be cooler and clearer and more crisp!

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