#HomeHer12: What I Did While You Were at BlogHer12

The blogosphere was quiet late last week and over the weekend because more bloggers than you can shake a stick at were in NYC attending BlogHer 12, a huge annual conference with lots of swag, lots of brands, lots of parties and oh yeah, informative content as well.  The 5000 bloggers also heard from notable speakers such as President Obama, Martha Stewart and Katie Couric.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this mother of all blogging conferences, but do not cry for me, blogosphere, because it turns out my weekend was almost like being in NYC.  A recap of HomeHer12:

I spent quality time with one of my roommates by helping him vomit in sanctioned receptacles and cleaning it up after he woke up with a “sour stomach.”

Always fun to start your day cleaning vomit

I encountered a few divas and catty behavior.

I took in a show.

I wore amazing outfits that were the envy of all I encountered.

So stylish

I ate amazing food I couldn’t get anywhere else.


I braved the crowds and went shopping.

Tax-free weekend equals shoe shopping FAIL

I managed multiple devices during conference sessions while enjoying a glass of wine.

Again while fabulously attired.

I also had a quick visit with fellow blogger Brandy and her super adorable new baby (no pictures unfortunately).

See?  Just like being at BlogHer!

If you attended BlogHer, tell me about your experience.  If not, what was the highlight of your HomeHer12 weekend?


  1. Love it 🙂 Sorry to hear about the vomiting 😦 Let’s see, what did we do? Grocery shopping, went to the park, church, threw dirt clods in the lake, ate leftovers, mopped.

  2. So creative – I didnt even get my self together enough for #homeher12 – but glad to see you did a great job participating!

  3. THAT? Is fabulous. 🙂

    You were missed … but it looks like you didn’t miss a beat.

    I posted my silly sappy reflections on my blog … like about 3000 other people did. At least you’re unique!

  4. This is AWESOME.
    My highlight of HomeHer12 was mystery hives covering Nate’s body.
    OH WAIT my real highlight was meeting Oliver and takings tons of photos.

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