All dressed up...

Our Easter 2012 was low-key, especially compared to how we treat other holidays (Christmas, Halloween).  One reason is because we are not an especially devout household, and it would a bit hypocritical for us (and I mean only my family) to appear religious only a few days of the year. On a side note, I read an interesting article in Slate on how Easter has resisted commercialization.  I believe the primary reason our Easter was low-key, though, is because of the missing person in our family: Jimmy’s grandmother.  As a devout Catholic, Easter was very important to her and though we went out for brunch with Jimmy’s family, it felt a little like we were going through the motions.

Dyeing eggs with Daddy

While I’m not very comfortable with the Christian meaning of the holiday, I’m perfectly at home with the pagan aspects of bunnies and eggs. Since we had a busy morning of baths and figuring out outfits (fun fact: toddlers don’t like to stop playing with trains to put on fussy outfits), we delayed the Easter Bunny’s arrival and egg hunting until after nap time.  Though it felt a little weird to do it at nearly 5pm, it turned out to be a great decision because after a chilly, slightly cloudy start to the day, late afternoon was warm with a vivid blue sky and lots of sun.

The Easter Bunny visited! In our closet!

With his Thomas the Train Easter basket looped over one arm, Daniel ran around the backyard to find the hidden eggs.  We often had to guide him to the eggs, but it was fun comparing the enthusiastic nearly 3-year-old Daniel to last year’s not quite 2-year-old Daniel who didn’t understand hunting for eggs and became overwhelmed and upset by it.  The years are going by so quickly, and every day, he becomes more a little boy and further away from the tiny baby we brought home. We played with his new sidewalk chalk on the driveway, drawing flowers and letters until we reluctantly realized we needed to get our little man fed and bathed before bedtime.  I’m really looking forward to more afternoons and evenings like yesterday as the days become longer and warmer.

Ready to find eggs!

It was a wonderfully calm, peaceful day.  I hope your weekend was as well.


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