Friday (and now Saturday) Foolishness

It’s Friday and I can barely construct a coherent sentence at this point, and I feel like rambling about some things that caught my attention this week.

Angelina Jolie

You might be astonished to know that I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie (no judgment!) and after her right leg developed a mind of its own at the Academy Awards, I wrote a silly little letter to her. I’m not sure why I wrote it at BlogHer instead of here, but it might amuse you. Or make you think less of me.


On this week’s Roundup at Stirrup Queens, Mel posted a link to an article on Little Libraries, and I LOVE that idea!  Instead of a lemonade stand in the summer time, I envision Daniel and I setting up a tiny library by our mailbox.  I can share with the neighborhood my love for historical romance and Da Vinci Code knock-offs bought for 50 cents from the annual library book sale.

I juxtapose that article with an essay I read by Leon Wieseltier on the inefficiency, yet beauty of having a large, messy personal library.  To paraphrase Lord of the Rings, my books are my friends, and I suspect Wieseltier feels the same way.  I recently had to box up a lot of books and agonized over which I had to say goodbye albeit temporarily and which had the privilege of staying.  My books are double stacked on my shelves.  It’s messy, but yes, beautiful to me (not so much to Jimmy).

In the Kitchen with Preschoolers

I mentioned in my review of Bringing up Bebe that one idea that resonated with me was the idea that small children of capable of doing more than we give them credit for.  Along those lines, I read an article in Slate on cooking with preschoolers in which the author details how she cooks with her 3-year-old.  It turns out there are cookbooks devoted to helping small children learn their way around the kitchen!  I’ve vowed that we will make the yogurt cake mentioned in Druckerman’s book this weekend.  Wish us (me?) luck.

Great Posts

I’ve read a lot of great stuff this week, but two posts I read yesterday stuck with me:

  • Beth Anne at The Heir to Blair wrote about her thoughts post-Blissdom and realizing that while it’s not happening the way she thought it would, everything is coming together for her and she’s going to own it.  I was struck by her post because of how epiphanies are amazing at changing how you see things, especially your life.  I also liked it because I contrast it to where I am now and how I am feeling: I need that epiphany
  • Law Momma at Spilled Milk (and Other Atrocities) wrote a beautiful post about the death of her dear friend.  She used to wake up every morning to a text from her friend and wonders if she can keep texting her friend.  I loved it because we’re having similar thoughts in our house not 2 months after the death of Jimmy’s grandmother.  Almost nightly he comments, “I wanted to pick up the phone and call Mum…” and we still include her on emails we send of pictures of Daniel.

Other Randomness

  • I realized that my oldest pair of shoes is 12 years old.  They are Doc Martens that I bought in 2000 for a work trip to Memphis.  I love those shoes but they are heavy and huge and make my size 10 feet look even larger. That’s ok though.
  • I found an awesome conference on blogs and social media that’s in Ireland this year.  How did I not know about this conference last year when I was writing my Master’s paper on social media usage among manufacturers?  Probably because I was writing my Master’s paper on social media usage among manufacturers.  New goal:  present or at least attend this conference one day.
  • We quit preschool last week and I toured a day care yesterday.  More on that to come next week.
  • Great article from Paul Ford in Slate on his and his wife’s attempt to figure out what to do with their leftover frozen embryos

How was your week?

One comment

  1. You made me realize just how old my doc martens are, too. No way. Didn’t I just get them? Wasn’t I just 20something? Ugh.

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