My Journey to Motherhood…Two Years Later

A few weeks ago, Fadra tweeted me with the link to Ricki Lake’s BlogHer contest about your Journey to Motherhood and suggested I should participate.  I thought it sounded like fun, so I composed a post and submitted it.

The winner was announced today and unfortunately I didn’t win (the winning submission was very good so no sour grapes here).  Obviously I posted about our unique journey to parenthood via gestational surrogacy.  I posted the detailed version of Daniel’s birth story   and the next day on this blog after he was born, but for the contest, I needed to shorten it.

It was a fun exercise since it had been over two years since that day, and it was interesting to explore our feelings and memories of that day now as compared to the actual day it happened. Some parts of that day are still very raw.

If you have a moment, you might enjoy my post on my journey to motherhood.


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