Building the ALI (Adoption/Loss/Infertility) Community

Yes, I’m a member of the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility community).  I wouldn’t say I’m exactly thrilled to be a member, but I’m proud of the women I know through this community and how hard they fight and advocate for what comes so easily for others.

JJiraffe is one of those awesome, brave, amazing women. She has started a series of posts focusing on the real faces of the ALI community, hoping to provide a counterpoint to the sensational coverage in most mainstream newspapers (looking at you, NY Times).  Her goal is to get 1000 views on her current post featuring Sarah’s endometriosis and adoption story because she believes (and I agree) that the more we are able to get the true stories of ALI out there, the greater the understanding and empathy will be.  I empathize very much with Sarah’s story because severe endometriosis is one of my issues and while I haven’t lost an ovary, I have lost a tube to it.

So if anyone other than my cats (I have very advanced felines) reads this blog, please click over to JJiraffe’s post on Sarah and help her reach her goal of 1000 views.


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