SOC Sunday: Winter

#SOCsundayToday I’m linking up with Fadra for SOC Sunday and today’s prompt is about winter and how it makes you feel.

I typically like winter and the colder, the better.  I can say that as a native Southerner who hasn’t experienced brutally cold winters and months spent buried under snow.  In my part of NC, the best I can hope for is a decent snow storm (meaning a couple of inches) once a year.

While I love cold weather, cozy sweaters and snug coats, I don’t like January.  January is so new and gleaming, it hurts my eyes.  It’s a brutal reminder that the holidays are past and it will be a long time until they come again.  I associate colors with the months (and sometimes letters and numbers), and January’s is stark white.  And I don’t look good in white.

This January has been weird.  It has been warm and then chilly, so your body barely has time to adjust to one extreme before the temperature swings wildly.  This weekend was one of the chilly periods.  We usually take Daniel outside to run around the yard for a while before lunch to burn off energy, but temperatures have been so slow to warm up that we have kept him inside, snug in his footie pajamas. We’re probably being over-protective.

This winter has also reminded me that the season is barren.  Winter is death. Cold and unrepentant.  This year, winter seems to be mocking us as we deal with our family issues.

I’m longing for a green shoot or even a cleansing snow.



  1. I’m totally okay with January once I get past the first week. But I do visualize it as white. I usually long for snow but I’m actually enjoying the mild winter so far!

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