Things I Hate About the Holidays So Far

Ahhh the holidays. We started our family celebrations over the weekend and we already are over some things:

1. Eating dinner at 9pm, especially when the meal, when it finally appears, is not very good.

2. No heat in the bedrooms and thin blankets

3. Watching family members ignore your child despite constantly declaring how much they love and are glad to see him

4. Five hours in the car in 24 hours. I think my car knows our bodily shapes well now

5. Once you arrive home, hours spent cleaning up glitter from presents and washing/fumigating clothes and presents of the pervasive cigarette smoke. Oh and baths for every member of the family as well

6. Family members loudly singing along with holiday music playing on the train ride w/ Santa

7. Family telling you they are giving you cash for a gift and referring to small other gifts as “shit” compared to the cash

8. Dogs. My son is used to cats. Even though the dogs were sweet, Daniel cried when one of them ran up to him.

9. Watery coffee.

10. Being forced to defend Michelle Duggar’s integrity while attempting to make small talk once dinner finally appeared.

Good luck and happy holidays!!



  1. Sorry – I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this. I guess the holidays are great and there are many good things about it, but I just love your list. It’s sooooooo true, esp. # 3!

  2. I would like to adopt you and your good-looking men for any holiday. I’m 30 minutes away. I have a cat and I don’t smoke. Dinner is no later than 7. If dinner flops, I won’t hestiate to call Wang’s Chinese take-out. I will play with your sweet boy to the point that you and your handsome husband can have some couple time. References available upon request.

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