Stick a Fork in Me

As of right now, I am done with work until January 2, 2012. Yay!!!! Being a state employee can suck in many ways (no raises in years; assumptions that you are a worthless employee; infuriating campaign rhetoric), but I love that the university for which I work gives several days off at the holidays. I save several vacation days each year so that I can take off a good block of time. J is fortunate to be able to do the same with his employer, and we have begun to rely on these 2 weeks off to rejuvenate us. Especially after the last few years.

I feel like I earned that time off this week.

Monday: three meetings including a conference with Daniel’s preschool teachers (recap coming soon).

Tuesday: a few hours of work followed by a trip to Morganton with a coworker (three hour trip).

Wednesday: We meet with local manufacturers and economic developers in Morganton in support of our grant project. Sit in traffic in Hickory and finally have another meeting before heading home (three hours).

Thursday: Prep for a 9:30 meeting. Prep for meeting later that day. Attend coworker’s farewell luncheon before going to the afternoon’s organizational-wide meetings from 1-5.

Friday: Organizational-wide meeting until noon and then holiday luncheon. Another meeting from 1:30-2:30 and then try to catch up on work until 5 pm at which point I tiredly set my out-of-office message, put a note on my door and trudge out to my car.

Oh. And as if work weren’t chaotic enough this week, we’ve had health issues with J’s grandmother to deal with. She has been very confused this week, and she’s been to the hospital twice. She’s currently in the hospital undergoing more tests but seemed to respond well to some antibiotics. Honestly, J and I don’t know what to think but we’re hoping for the best.

And now we are packing for our trip to my mom’s tomorrow for Christmas #1. It is a short trip (only one night), but it feels like we are packing for an eternity.

And so the holidays begin. We are exhausted already.

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