Memories Captured: Just an average Thursday night

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Intent on his movie

Oh, Daniel.  What a big boy you are.  You turned 2.5 last week, and if I hold my head a certain way and squint, I can still see the scrawny newborn you were.   You love trains and cars and trucks.  You are starting to play more independently, which is great when I need to get something done but not-so-great because it is a sign that you are growing up and growing away.

One minute you are all rough-and-tumble boy, running around the house, slamming your head into windows and doors just for the fun of it.  The next minute, you scrunch up your little face and say, “hurt” and come to me for a kiss to make it all better.

For now, when I hold out my arms for a hug, you run into them eagerly. For now.  You love  your “cuddlies” as we call them and make my heart hurt when I see you hold them tight and kiss them.

Thank you for being you: funny and sweet and sensitive and mischievous and curious and energetic.

Love always,



Silly boy!



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