Au Revoir, NaBloPoMo

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

Today’s the last day of NaBloPoMo.  I’m glad.  It has been a long 30 days of posting.  The weekday posts weren’t so bad, but the weekends I struggled for both time and topics.  Chasing Daniel around didn’t leave much mental dexterity for thinking of posts and by the time I finally had a moment to blog, my brain was fried.  The weekends were when I confess my posts were weakest and occasionally phoned in.

But I did it! I posted every day.  I’m very proud of that accomplishment.  I really regretted not blogging more  over the last few years, and I missed having an outlet for my thoughts.  Once the end of grad school was in sight, I looked forward to blogging again, but I wondered about what to post.  For whom was I blogging?  What was I posting?  I think this challenge helped me answer those questions.

I write to express myself.  I wrote fairy tales as a child and bad short stories in my angsty youth, but I never considered myself a writer, nor was it something I aspired to be.  Yet, I feel compelled to write.  I think best on the page (or screen in this case).  Writing helps me clarify my thoughts and opinions.  I have no desire to write a novel or even be published (well, I do have some scholarly ambitions but I don’t consider that the same thing).  I write to bring order to my chaotic brain and when my brain becomes infinitely looped on some problem, I must write it out.  I’m so glad I’ve been able to return to blogging. I missed it.

I absolutely make no claims that my life and thoughts are more profound than anyone else’s.  I thank all of you who came along for the NaBloPoMo adventure, and I took the challenge seriously.  I learned that I could write every day for an entire month.  Sometimes I overflowed with potential posts; other days were as barren as a desert.  Many thanks as well to J and Daniel for supporting this endeavor.  J rolled his eyes a few times, but many evenings, he was telling me to go post.

And thank you to Katie for participating with me!  I didn’t comment on every post you wrote, but I read every one, and having a buddy participate definitely kept me honest.  How could I not when you pretty much threw down the gauntlet? LOL

I think my favorite post was this one.

I’m curious.  Which post over the last 30 days did you enjoy the most or what did you learn about me that you didn’t know?




  1. Glad you made it through NaBloPoMo. It’s such a challenge and yet it does feel so good to have completed it. Many nights I had to pull myself away from wonderful kiddo snuggles to complete the task, but I’m glad I didn’t give up.

    I’m glad you stuck it out too.


  2. Congrats! Good to connect with you through NaBloPoMo. Look forward to reading your blog and sharing “boy” stories. I have 10 year old twin boys and four girls. Life is never boring. Did I mention the puggle?

  3. Yesterday’s. I like it best because it was the most nakedly you. And there isn’t a lazy bone in your body, but the fact you used the word to decribe yourself was enlightening. It tells me your expectations must be very, very high.

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