Boring Saturday

I had planned to write something profound today but alas, profundity escapes me. We had a weird Friday in which Daniel fell asleep on the way home but was restless during the night, which woke us up several times, so we are in the odd situation of having gotten good sleep technically but fragmented sleep overall. Also known as engendering little sympathy.

Today we had hair cuts and the grocery store plus an early night for Daniel due to a very abbreviated nap. As a result, it’s now barely after 8. We’ve eaten dinner & are discussing Christmas presents, but we are tired. It’s pathetic, but I would love nothing more than to go to bed soon. I’m exhausted.

I’m old. Or becoming that way.

Happily, our groceries for Thanksgiving are in the refrigerator. I love seeing a full refrigerator and love cooking for my family. It will be fun, and each year provides us an opportunity to create a new memory or a new tradition.

I hope your Saturday went well!

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