Why I’m Excited about Breaking Dawn


The latest movie in the Twilight saga opened today, and here are a few of the reasons I’m excited about it:

  • It’s good to know that the undead can reproduce sexually despite what pesky science might say
  • I would totally choose the pasty, brooding vampire over the virile, sexy werewolf
  • Teenage girls need a role model like Bella whose only goal in life is to get the guy, settle down and have a baby by age 18
  • Poorly-written novels deserve to get star treatment and made into movies too
  • My mom read them
  • Thank God there’s only one more movie

What about you?  Have you read the series or seen the  movies?

Disclaimer:  I have not read the series nor seen any of the movies, and I do not plan to.  I try not to be a book snob, and know millions love them, but I just can’t do it.


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