My Little Monster

I remember the day clearly.  It was a nice early summer evening actually.  J and I retreated to our screened back porch to chat, surf on our iPhones and have some wine after Daniel was in bed.

“I have a confession to make, ” said J suddenly.

I looked up from my Twitter feed.  “Huh? What?” I said.

“I like Lady Gaga,” he told me, sheepishly.

I was silent for a moment.  “That’s ok, ” I replied, thinking of my former penchant for romance novels.

Honestly, at that point, I didn’t know much about Lady Gaga or her music other than she was known for outlandish outfits and was very popular.  Something about a Poker Face or Paparazzi?

It turns out that J was downplaying his affection for Lady Gaga.  A few songs turned into buying entire albums from iTunes.  Next he was listening to her interview w/ Howard Stern over and over and texting me about her upcoming Thanksgiving special with Katie Couric.

Then he declared himself one of her “Little Monsters” and proudly displayed his affiliation on his car:

Displaying his affiliation for Gaga for all to see

I wasn’t sure what to think.  Not being entirely out of touch with popular culture, I have a few of her songs on my iPhone.  I looked her up on Wikipedia.  I’ve watched the video of library school students doing Gaga.  She still seemed so weird.

J and I talked about it a lot.  It turns out that he is able to see beyond the meat dresses and pyrotechnic bras to see the weirdo underneath, and I use that term affectionately.  J and I may look like normal, boring people who do yard work, cook pretentious dishes and like nice things, but underneath all of that, we are freaks at heart.  We can identify with not fitting in and not wanting to hide who we are.

I’ve thought a lot about Lady Gaga (WTF?), and forget Britney and Cristina. She is the true heiress to Madonna, only she is what Madonna was trying to be 30 (!) years ago. Madonna pushed the envelope but I wonder how truly different she was. The overt sexuality cheapened her message.  Lady Gaga is different.   She is very talented, yet she walks to her own, very different drummer.  I can respect that.  Thanks to J’s affection for Lady Gaga, I’ve come to appreciate her and what she’s trying to do.  Lord knows if she were going for sheer sex appeal, she wouldn’t pick the outfits she does.  She’s a role model with whom I feel comfortable and would be comfortable for others to emulate if they understand who she is.  Go beyond the wild outfits to understand the misfit underneath.

Maybe I’m a bit of a Little Monster too.


  1. hahahaaaaaaahahaha….. sigh I WISH my husband could be brave enough to fess up to something like that!!! =) I agree with what you say about the Madonna empire heiress thing. I like Lady Gaga as well, but it took me time in getting there. But that said, her real and incredible talent was never lost on me! Love to you and your little monster from me and mine! 😉 lol

  2. When I first came across Lady Gaga I, too, was like WTF? Over time not only did her music win me over, but a deeper understanding of her message and her lyrics really drew me in. She really is an artist with a lot of meaning, emotion, and even spirituality in her work. I am now converted to being a monster myself. Sure she is weird, but so am i, and therefore, i respect her more for it.

  3. I like her a lot too – the music, the nuttiness, the refusal to play along with the cookie-cutter version of what “hot” female stars are supposed to look like (I hate the direction Shakira has gone, for instance – used to love her back in her brunette days). Sometimes it’s hard to tell if (or when) Gaga is just “taking the piss,” as they say, but it’s also kind of cool if she actually doesn’t take herself all that seriously and kind of goes overboard with the nuttiness on purpose, being in on the joke actually.

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