Things That Scare Me

Happy Halloween!

  1. Wrappers, trash, little bits of paper (it’s a phobia)
  2. the Republican candidates for President
  3. DJ Lance Rocks from Yo Gabba Gabba
  4. the entire “cast” of Jersey Shore, the Kardashians and all the Real Housewives
  5. the Mississippi Personhood amendment
  6. the Twilight series (not in a good way)
  7. Poltergeist (in a good way)
  8. Fully made-up faces without lipstick (where are your lips????)
  9. That the Mayan end of the world prophecy might come true in 2012
  10. My husband’s fascination with Lady Ga Ga

What are some things that scare you?  Also, it’s not too late to decorate your house if you’ve been a slacker: Aiming Low Guide to Halloween Decor.

Happy Halloween!



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