Deep Freeze

This was a banner week for fun stuff arriving in the mail. In addition to my diploma, another piece of paper arrived this week:

Very important communication from our clinic

Time to make the annual decision about what we do with our 5 frozen embryos!  It turns out that storing embryos is sort of like a magazine subscription or Costco membership: you have to renew annually.  We were offered a few choices: store them for another year, donate them or destroy them.

Unlike renewing a magazine subscription or membership, however, our decision required a witness.  Guess decisions involving human tissue require a little more effort.  If it were an online form, I bet we would see screens like “Are you sure?” Yes. “Are you really, really sure?” Yes. “Are you absolutely, positively sure?” followed with “This action cannot be undone.”

We chose to store them for another year (it wasn’t ever up for debate). 

Stay cool, totsicles.  Hopefully we can use you eventually.


  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I really wish I’d known you were out there when I was (or seemed to be) the only person in England doing surrogacy in the US…… I did search for other surrogacy blogs but I’m a bit technically challenged …… Anyway, I’m so glad that you have your lovely son. Strange as well that you debating those frozen embryos. We have two in California. Sounds like you will use yours. I hope so. We won’t. But I did find out you can get your embryos adopted. I liked that idea. We may even do it yet. But actually I think we are going to offer them to friends in England who have battled long and hard with infertility and may want to try. But it is weird, isn’t it? Very weird. All my love to you. Alice

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