(Not) In Stitches

We are racking up parenting milestones fast and furiously lately, and we can now add Daniel’s first stitches to the list (eek!).

Yesterday afternoon, he was walking up the front steps at Ama’s (what he calls his grandmother) house, tripped and cut his chin.  She decided to take him to Rex Express Care to have the cut checked out.  J met her there because he had Daniel’s insurance card.  The doctor decided the cut needed to be closed and used DermaBond.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time from work to be there for the procedure, but J told me that Daniel was a trooper.  They had to swaddle him so he wouldn’t move, and Daniel was scared, but J started telling him a story, and he locked eyes with J for the entire time and shed only one tear.  For some reason, thinking about that one tear rolling down his cheek kills me.  My sweet, brave boy.

I think Jimmy, Ama and I were more of a mess than Daniel was.  I felt bad about not getting there in time, but it may have been good that J was there instead of me.  Daniel has been very mama-oriented lately and even though J understands, I know it hurts him when Daniel rejects him reading bedtime stories and carrying him to his room for tuck-in.  It is good for Daniel to know that Daddy can take care of him too and will always be there for him.

After observing Daniel for a while, the doctor commented that he has a feeling this won’t be Daniel’s only time for stitches (he had bonked his head in the waiting room).

Let’s hope not.

Building with Daddy

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