Week in My Life: Thursday

Day 4 of Adventuroo‘s awesome project to document your week.  I’ll admit that I struggled to think of something to document for Thursday because it didn’t seem overly different than what I documented on Tuesday.   I know that’s sort of the point of the project: you are not mundane.  Your life is not mundane.  So what I decided to do is document a few “firsts” from today.

Freak out

I usually take my iPhone everywhere, especially on a preschool day because my MIL will often call me to give me a synopsis of Daniel’s day because we have been worried about how he is adjusting.  Today I was involved in an impromptu brainstorming session in my boss’ office for a Thanksgiving card we are creating to send to clients, but I forgot to bring my phone.  After the meeting I returned to my office and saw that I had 4 missed calls and then J called as I was getting ready to listen to the voicemail.

J: Did you see my text?

Me: No, I just returned from a meeting?  What’s up?

J: They think Daniel had an allergic reaction at school

Me:  WHAT???????  To what?  What happened? (as far as we know, he doesn’t have any allergies)

J:  Apparently they think it was a plant on the playground.  Hold on.  My mom’s calling – I’ll conference her in.

We had a somewhat garbled three-way conversation, but the gist of it was that Daniel had gotten really red in the face and sweaty on the playground and had been playing with a plant (he loves leaves and flowers right now), and the teachers thought it resembled an allergic reaction.  They wiped his hands down with alcohol and he left a little early.  MIL was almost home and the redness was already fading.

As the day went on, MIL emailed us a few times and told us that Daniel seemed fine (whew!).  He’s very fair-skinned, so we think that maybe he became overheated while playing, but we have the plant and will Google it. 

I think my heart stopped when I first heard they thought it was an allergic reaction.  I was ready to grab my purse and pick him and take him home.  My poor baby!

School Pictures

Daniel’s preschool had pictures made last week.  I agonized over his outfit because it was his first school picture.  I even went to the mall at lunch one day and bought him a $26 shirt from Gymboree to wear.  We decided it was too risky to get his hair cut before pictures, so even though it was a little long, it would be ok.  We told MIL under no condition was she to give him a center part and brush his hair so he looked like a little Dutch boy; we wanted a side part. 

The best-laid plans…

We received his picture today.  Not good.  His outfit is cute, but he looks like he is about to cry; that’s because he cried when he saw the camera.  We sort of don’t want to buy any pictures because why would we want a picture of our little boy being sad?  But it feels wrong not to buy a least a small package. 

I guess this was our first foray into the exquisite torture that is school picture day.

Unhappy boy

Sweet Words

Daniel’s vocabulary has exploded in the last few weeks, and it is wonderful hearing him verbalize anything and everything.  He recently started saying “love” and tonight he said, “I love Mommy.”  Granted, it wasn’t spontaneous – we asked him if he could say it.

But still.

“I love Mommy.”

Best thing I’ve ever heard.

Racing his train along the window sill


  1. Oh the allergic reaction would have freaked me out too! Glad it turned out to be okay.

    Same thing happened with my kids’ haircuts. Didn’t want them to hair too short of hair for pictures and not look like themselves. But they turned out just OKAY. LOL.

  2. Buy the photos. They’re adorable. You’ll never regret it. I could show you sad child faces in my family tree of school pictures. My Dad was a school principal and we had our photos taken from an early age. And if nothing else, it will make a great background slide when he’s roasted for winning the Nobel Prize for literature.

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