SOC Sunday: Foggy With a Chance of…a Nap?

#SOCsundayI’m attempting to join all.things.fadra’s Stream of Consciousness Sunday for the first time.  I’ve followed her on Twitter for a while and read many editions of SOC Sunday but never had a chance to participate before.  Now I do, but it’s not going exactly as I intended.


I thought I was going to write about how I was thinking about doing the right thing vs. not due to a situation I find myself in.  Nothing illegal or unethical…just a request I received and how to handle it.  Part of me feels compelled to fulfill the request even though I know it will end badly and frustrate me while another part feels like I should accept reality and refuse to fulfill the request because while it may cause the requestor some pain, it will prevent a lot of nightmares and irritation in the long run.

But instead I woke up with a tickle in my throat, a cough and a slight headache.  Joy.  I have the slight “something” Daniel has had all week.  I promptly took a Mucinex and an Alka Setzer cold & sinus and as the morning went on, I found my head inflating to about 4 times its normal size.  Obviously not really, but I’m suffering from a definite lack of energy and a crippling case of medicine head that has sapped my ability to do much of anything.

Instead of enjoying this beautiful fall day, I’m contemplating a nap.  Why not?  Daniel is napping.  I need the energy a nap might give me in order to make it through the night. And even worse than medicine head is the knowledge that my medicine is wearing off and we don’t have anymore.   I hope I feel better tomorrow because I don’t want to take a sick day when there is so much to do. You know what they say about the best laid plans…


Nothing profound here.  Move along.


  1. oh no. 😦 Take care of yourself. Nothing wrong with a nap! I’ve turned my Sunday into a lazy one. Unintentional, but I’m enjoying it. I hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. welcome to SOC!

  2. Now I feel stupid for never having realized you had a blog. I’m glad you linked up though. The most profound thing you can do when you are feeling bad is rest. So there. You did everything right.

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