Special Day in September

September is a special month in our family due to birthdays and meetings: my birthday is 9/9; J’s is 9/25; we met on 9/22.  It’s also a special month because in 2008, we had our surrogacy cycle.  It was a brutal cycle.  I had egg retrieval after a horrific cycle the day after my 31st birthday.  Happily, September 27 signifies the day that we discovered that our cycle worked and after 3 years of infertility, we finally had a positive beta. That beta led to our Daniel, who is the best thing ever.

So tonight, we celebrate our family, and we toast those who are still trying.  Never give up.  You will have your family.  It may not happen the way you envision or plan, but it will happen.

Happy, happy day, Doodlebug.


  1. I instinctively went to click the “like” button…and that might say something about the amount of time I spend on Facebook. But, nonetheless, I LIKE this!


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