Terrific Tuesday

Dinner over and post-dinner clean
up completed (a must for little hands that touch everything). The thunder that had been booming for the last hour finally gave way to rain.

Daddy noticed it felt cooler on the porch and suggested we all enjoy it before it was time to focus on prep for bedtime.

While we sat in chairs and watched, you, Sweet Boy, ran in and out of the house and ran from one side of the porch to another. You enjoyed every moment while the rain poured.

We watched you, marvelling as always of your energy and focus. You noticed the rain and ran to one side of the porch, watching intently as it poured.

Finally, you settled a bit as bedtime approached. We read you your current favorite stories and fed you copious amount of mandarin oranges while a cool breeze wafted through.

You were tired & it was slightly past your bedtime when we brought you inside, but that’s ok. It is what summer is for.

Your daddy and I had a wonderful evening with you. Yet another memory to file away in permanent storage.

Happy Summer, Sweet Boy


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