Royal Wedding

I wasn’t able to catch the royal wedding start to finish on Friday due to needing to travel to New Bern that day, but I was able to see some of it, starting from when the now Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Westminster Abbey to when the families left to sign the register. However, as a life-long anglophile and royal watcher, I had been watching specials for weeks leading up to it.

I was too young to remember Diana’s wedding, but Prince William is only 4 years younger than I am and for a long time, I harbored a crush on him, fantasizing myself elevated to his princess one day. I’d show them, I thought. I may be a rebellious American, but I know their customs. I’d adapt splendidly to royal life! And those tiaras and the fabulous jewels…bring them on!

And then I found my real-life prince (cue gagging) and had a little boy of my own. As I watched the coverage leading up to the royal wedding, I found that all I could think about was Diana and her absence at her eldest son’s wedding. Though I’m sure William had come to terms with her death (or at least I hope so) years ago, I couldn’t imagine how much pain he felt not having her in a pew at Westminster Abbey, beaming at him and his lovely bride. And I thought about Diana and how horrible I would feel not to be there to experience such a major milestone in my son’s life. I admit that when William gave Kate his late mother’s ring, I wasn’t a fan of the gesture due to the outcome of her marriage to his father (are you asking for trouble????), but as their wedding became closer, and I started thinking like a momma who has a son, I began to admire and cherish his desire to pass on something so special to the now most special woman in his life.

I hope that on his wedding day he felt supported by his family. I’m sure he felt Diana’s absence–it was impossible not to–but hopefully his other relatives stepped in to be there for him. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I truly believe he and his new wife love each other. May they be happy, and may his momma smile at them from whatever hereafter you believe in.

It’s what I’d want for my little boy.


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