Happy New Year?

I survived my first night as a single parent last night! J is in Florida with his father and brother (I’ll get to that later), so for the next few days I will be parenting solo. Oh, and Daniel is fine too 🙂

And I discovered that tv makes an excellent distraction for a wild 19 month old while you are trying to get ready! Or rather, “age-appropriate” tv makes a good distraction. Poor Daniel is often subjected to what we watch, which includes a lot of Food Network (not too bad), History Channel (educational!), Law & Order (dubious) and Snapped, Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction et al. (probably scarring him for life).

However, it turns out there is a great channel called Nick Jr, and this morning Daniel watched his first Dora the Explorer and other stuff and loved it. He crowed at the tv and only tried to climb out of his crib twice. Success!

And later I was able to pry open our cat’s mouth and toss in an antibiotic. Success again! I am clearly on a roll.

If only the rest of the year were going as well.

J and I had high hopes for 2011 after the craziness and sadness of 2010. I’m usually a little wistful about the ending of a year but not last year. I gleefully anticipated midnight and the fresh start 2011 signified.

2011’s first gift was to give J and I a chest cold out of the blue. I missed two days of work. The first two working days of 2011. How pathetic is that?

But worse (much worse) was to come. We found out yesterday that J’s father has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. J and his brother flew down last night. We’re all in shock and still trying to figure out where to go from here.

I cannot believe that only 6 months after my own father’s death that we are dealing with a horrific medical situation with J’s father. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to give J any advice (whatever poor wisdom I have to offer) on this type of situation so soon.

It’s so awful. J’s father and stepmother live in Florida and have met Daniel only once and that was when he was 5 months old. It’s too soon.

Today is the 7th of January. The first 7 days of 2011 have been so bad that I’m almost afraid of what the rest of the year holds*.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

*PS J and I just received biopsy results on our cat, and they suspect a mammary carcinoma and recommend removal. My MALE cat has a breast tumor. Unbelievable.


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