Daniel the Daredevil

See how proud he looks?

Long time, no post. It’s pretty sad because I compose posts in my head all the time, but I seem unable to find the time to post them despite being at a desk all day at work (when not in countless meetings) and permanently tethered (by choice) to my darling, dearest iPhone.

Anyway, Daniel is 15 months (15 and a half months as of 9/16) and has developed a new skill! He can climb on the chairs in the kitchen and stand on them. I cannot tell you how thrilled J and I are by this new skill.

He demonstrated his new skill to me over Labor Day weekend. I was cleaning his artfully thrown breakfast from the floor, and I turned around to find him grinning at me almost at eye level. Dear readers, I admit that I said a bad word or four. D, however, grinned proudly and even let out a robust “Ma ma.”

Oy vey.

We’re trying to keep him off the chairs or at least let him on them when he’s supervised, but it’s a hard battle. He LOVES it. We, of course, anticipate danger and injury.

There’s no stopping him, though! Our little man has learned a new skill. Off to find a suitable jungle gym…


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