Why Daniel Can’t Sleep

Sleeping Daniel

Daniel CAN sleep at 6am...

Sigh. I wish that question were rhetorical, but alas, I’m seeking advice and input. Daniel is not sleeping well which of course means that WE are not sleeping well. For the last two weeks he has been waking up every 2ish hours. J and I have decided that he’s not hungry, so we can normally put him back to sleep with a little cuddling, but WHY is he waking up? Some nights it is only blessedly twice. Other nights it is almost every hour. He wakes up shrieking. Is he having a sleep regression? Is it a stage? Is it teething? I was reluctant to believe it was teething due to the fact that he seemingly has all of his teeth except for the very back molars, and I hope strongly that those aren’t deciding to make trouble at the tender age of 14 months. Even worse…is he having night terros? 😦 I hope not. I’d prefer any of the other options to the fact that he’s having bad dreams 😦 I must make full disclosure to the fact that he is NOT yet sleeping in his room. Yes, dear reader, he is still sleeping–usually happily–in his Pack N Play in our bedroom. Yes, we are slackers. We love having him in our room, but we know we need to work on the transition. I don’t think that’s contributing to the problem, but I’m willing to entertain that option. What can I say? We’re attached to our Doodle Bug! He’ll be in his room by college—promise!

This week, his new milestones include saying “da da” which makes J VERY happy. Now that he’s mastered walking, his verbalizing has increased dramatically, and it is adorable! I love hearing his babbling. He has been babbling for months, but it seems so much more complex and meaningful over the last week or so. I’ve also been able to ask him to put something up or bring me something, and he has followed directions. I confess to having my mind blown. The human brain is an amazing thing! It still fascinates and amazes me how babies become little humans.

So I’m composing this post while I’m “sitting” in my final online class for summer school. At the completion of this course, I’ll be 6 semester hours away from completing my Master’s degree. I’m very excited about that if for no other reason than it will be great to be done finally. But seriously, I’ve always felt that at least one advanced degree was in my future, so I’m happy I’m almost done. I hope Daniel is proud one day. J has brought him upstairs the last few weeks and let him play while I’ve had class, which has been fine, since I am a pro at multitasking LOL. I want Daniel to know that it is ok to enjoy your job if it truly is something you enjoy. And that pursuing knowledge is a worthwhile endeavour. I’m a practical person, so I’m not a huge fan of staying in school for staying in school’s sake, but I want Daniel to understand how much we support education. And not only formal education in terms of a 4-year-degree but also other forms as well. Knowledge is knowledge. I want for Daniel to be curious and inquisitive, and everything else will follow.

And maybe he’ll be proud of his ol’ mommy one day 🙂



  1. Hi! I have no answers, but I will tell you that the same thing happened with Fisher. He was sleeping happily in his crib for a few months (I think it was months…) and then we went through a few weeks (month?…who knows, it’s all a blur when you’re not sleeping) with him waking up several times a night. The only thing I can say is that it got better 🙂

    There were times I think he was hungry so we tried giving him an extra snack before bed with milk and it helped.

    Good luck!

  2. Precious boy, why you no sleep?

    I’ve already told you, but I second Tiffany’s comment. I think it’s a stage he’ll get through very soon.

    Sometimes when I have a snack with milk before bed, I sleep better. Just sayin’.

  3. Maybe, just at bedtime, some warm milk with a little cereal mixed in with a cross-cut nipple. Used to work for his daddy. 🙂

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