Lots Going On

Dear readers,

It has been a ridiculously busy few months. I had one employee go out on medical leave sadly due to cancer. Another employee suddenly gave notice in mid-May and while it wasn’t completely unexpected or sad, it was a change I needed to accommodate. Another employee’s husband accepted a job in SC, and she will be joining him once their house sells. And another employee’s contract was not renewed. And that’s only a bit of work! Add in summer school, a huge organizational initiative to celebrate meeting our economic impact goal and trying to make sure the work was being picked up by other resources, I have been BUSY. I’m almost ready to have my karma cleansed, but I truly believe it has been a confluence of situations and not any reflection on me 😉

And then came June. June was the month that became focused on family issues due to my father’s health issues. Sadly, he passed in mid-June. It was and still is a shock. He went in for a “routine” procedure and then had complications and unfortunately the situation deteriorated from there. I’m still coming to terms with it though we were able to give him a wonderful memorial service. I miss him more each day as the reality sets in 😦

Daniel is doing very well. He turned 1 on June 2 and is 13 months as of July 2. We had to postpone his birthday party due to my father’s health issues, and we hope to reschedule soon. Daniel is walking like crazy and trying to RUN as often as possible. He is such a joy. He can say “mama,” “yumyum” and “banana” fairly clearly and though he can’t yet say “dada” (he clearly says “mama” when we ask him to say “dada”), I think he is saying it when he says “Yaya.” He does understand what we say and can retrieve items when asked. He is soooo precious and such a joy, and we are thankful for him daily.

I had been concerned about his eating because he was reluctant to self-feed (and really, I worry about everything), but it has suddenly gotten better. He will now eat chicken nuggets, meatballs, bagel, egg, pancake, any bread, fruit and sweet potatoes on his own. He tries to eat pasta, but I think it’s a bit too slippery for him still. He is doing so well, and I roll my eyes at my earlier worry. I truly think a lot of the issue was due to his teeth. My Baby Man has a TON of teeth. I think he has all of his teeth except for his molars and hopefully those will wait off for a while. He has been teething almost non-stop over the last few months and understandably, he has been less interested in feeding himself. He’s still having formula and *gasp* still using bottles. We have been using sippy cups, but honestly, I think he really wants to drink out of a plain cup even though he’s not ready. We finally started him on whole milk this week (and J thinks he said “milk” yesterday), but he still uses bottles. I’m trying to convince myself that the “delay” is fine. I know that the accepted medical guidance is that he should have been off bottles by 12 months, but frankly, our twelth month was crazy. It didn’t happen. And guess what? He hasn’t grown 4 heads as a result. He is still happy and healthy.Yes, I sound a little defensive, but I am trying to convince myself that it’s ok to go by MY judgment instead of what some faceless, nameless pediatrician says.

We took Daniel to the beach a few weeks ago, and he experienced the beach for the first time. Happily he LOVED it. He giggled like mad and wanted to play in the ocean. I was relieved he liked the ocean but concerned as well since we had to watch him extra closely! He was precious, though, and I can’t wait to take him back to the beach. He also had ice cream on that trip (chocolate) and loved it. It was sooo cute to see him gobble it upl He really is becoming a big boy!

I feel really guilty about neglecting this blog, but it has been both impossible and then painful to update recently 😦 Daniel is doing well, though. He makes us laugh and brings us joy. Each day seems to bring some new milestone. He has definitely mastered walking! I’ll try to post some pictures of his simple birthday cake and the beach as well. It really has been a wild few months.


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  1. The biggest hurdle to get over is trusting your own judgment. I struggle with it every day. Chocolate ice cream helps. So do daily affirmations, i.e., “I’m a good mom, damnit. I’m a good mom.”

    The past few months have been tough for your little family. I really hope the rest of your summer is fairly uneventful.

    The good thing is – Daniel is a beautiful, healthy, happy boy! Can’t wait to squoosh him again!

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