5 Months Old!


I love being on my tummy!

Daniel turned 5 months old on Monday, Nov. 2. You may have noticed that I never gave a 4-month update. I thought about glibly explaining it due to being a slacker, but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. Dear reader, I am tired. It is pretty exhausting working all day and then coming home, doing the nightly chores and taking care of an increasingly active baby boy. He wears us out! I have never dreamed of a 10pm bedtime (for me!) more than the last few months LOL.

Thankfully, Daniel is a very good, happy baby. At his 4-month appointment last month, he weighed 13lb, 14oz, so a hair under 14 pounds. I’m sure he has reached and is well over 14lb now! That car seat just gets heavier and heavier to lug in and out of the car. He must look a lot bigger than he is because everyone comments on how big he is, but he actually falls into the lower range of the growth charts. There are a lot of babies his age bigger than he is, which is frightening!


His preferred sleeping position.

As I mentioned earlier, he is VERY active. He prefers his tummy to his back now, and rolls over with ease. He scared us the first time we saw him sleeping on his tummy, but there is no stopping him now. And I must confess that it is quite cute seeing his heiney in the air while he sleeps. He is starting to move quite well over the surface of his play mat, and it amazes us how quickly he can completely change positions and directions. He really wants to crawl, and the grandmothers think it won’t be long until he does. Yesterday J and I watched with a fair amount of trepidation as he did a Caterpillar-like undulation on his tummy across the mat. Scary!!!!

We started transitioning him to formula a month ago. I won’t go into the details here, but there was some drama attached to the decision to do so, but J and I know it was the right decision. Other than a horrifying vomiting situation the first day on formula (which may have been a delayed reaction to his shots a few days before), the transition has been smooth. We have been using a mixture of breast milk and formula and are currently at a 80 (formula)/20 (breast milk) mix. We have enough breast milk for around 2 more weeks, so we’ll use that up and then Daniel will be 100% on formula. Let me say here that the formula calculation has been a bit challenging for me. Um, it’s fractions. I never claimed to be a mathematical genius but wow, it is a mental exercise to figure out how much formula he needs and the appropriate number of scoops/ounces of water. We’ve also been giving him rice cereal nightly before he goes to bed. Daniel amazed us by tolerating it. I won’t say he loves it, but he will eat it and eat more than the 2-3 spoonfulls that our pediatrician told us he might take. He seems to prefer it slightly thicker too (we were advised to start off with it rather soupy), so that’s nice.


Happy boy!

Oh, and Daniel is a chatty boy! He started making a “mmm” sound a few weeks ago and smacking his lips. He also makes a sort of b/z sound as well as a spitting sound. He also discovered his voice last week and howled (there is no better description) all evening. I was a bit concerned, wondering if it was normal. It was like we had a feral baby on our hands. He is also sticking his tongue out like crazy. He still likes to howl, but he has incorporated it into his sound repertoire, so it doesn’t feature as prominently. Every day seems to bring a new sound. It’s quite cute.

All of these changes have made us realize we need to start thinking about the next stage as far as baby gear. When we were preparing for his arrival, we decided to focus on what we needed for the first few months. Well, now we need to move ahead. We have started looking at high chairs and the next developmental toys (exersaucers, etc.). If you have any suggestions, please let us know!


Hmm. This tummy thing has possibilities.

I must confess that Daniel is still sleeping in our room. I honestly thought he’d be in his room by now, but honestly, we enjoy having him in our room. He mostly sleeps through the night but it is still inconsistent enough that it is preferable having him inches away instead of across the house. But we like him with us. I suspect that over the Christmas holidays we will work on transitioning to his room, but I will miss him 😦 I like hearing his little snorts and snuffles.

We are still having a ton of fun with him! We look forward to all the holidays coming up.


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