The W-Word

Sweet smile!

Sweet smile!

Tomorrow is the day. The day the “W”-word becomes reality once again. Work. I’m kind of happy about getting back to work, but I’m dreading it too. I’ve really enjoyed the last 12 weeks, and I could see myself doing it for a long time. I’m dreading tomorrow, though. Quite a bit of it is due to separation anxiety from Daniel. I know he’ll be fine with J’s mom–coddled, loved, and spoiled!!! I worry that he’ll forget me–or even worse–wonder where I’ve gone. That’s silly, especially this first week when I’m working only half days. We’ve been apart for hours before due to other appointments, and all has been well. The next week will be fine. I think part of me is just dreading the transition back to work. I don’t deal with change very well, and I’ve been dreading tomorrow for weeks which has allowed it to build up in my mind. Plus, I know there have been a lot of changes at work in the last 12 weeks, so it almost feels like I’m starting a new job.

I’ve prepared for tomorrow by getting my hair cut and a much-needed pedicure. The toes look great! Hopefully my hair will still look cute after I wash it tonight 🙂 I even have my outfit planned out. See, it really is like the first day of school! Heck, I even have Daniel’s outfit planned out!

Daniel and his favorite book

Daniel and his favorite book

We’ve had a good weekend. The three of us were extremely lazy on Friday…all of us slept late, not getting up for the day until 11 on Friday. Go Daniel! Saturday was my day of beauty, so I left Daniel to J and headed off. I returned around 4, and Daniel and I headed to the first birthday party for a friend’s little boy while J ran errands. There were several babies at the party, all older than Daniel, and it was nice talking to some other moms. The birthday boy was adorable! Sunday we’ve caught up on housework and other miscellaneous tasks. The washer and dryer have been humming all day, and I think there is sweeping in my future. It was nice because we all got up around 10 and while I would have loved more sleep, it was nice being up early and feeling like we had the whole day ahead of us.

Daniel met his cousin L on Wednesday, and the two of them were adorable. She is 2 weeks old but weighs what he did at one month though still so tiny! Daniel seemed fascinated and held her hand and rubbed his leg on her leg. My baby boy–formerly so tiny–looked huge in comparison! I hope to get them together again soon, and it will be fun to watch them get bigger.

We did have our first baby emergency on Thursday. I noticed what looked like a little blood in Daniel’s diaper early afternoon. I saw it again during a diaper change later that afternoon and called the pediatrician. They wanted us to come in immediately (with the diaper!), so D and I headed to the doctor’s at 4:45. J met us there. D was in good spirits, and the doctor didn’t see anything wrong with him, so we think it may have been something in his milk. We haven’t seen any more blood and fingers crossed that we won’t!

This is kind of a boring post…pretty mundane stuff! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is a good day for me and that the week goes smoothly. I know I’ll be fine in a week or so. I just had a really great time with Sweet Boy over the last 12 weeks, and it was nice having a break from capital W-ork even though I wouldn’t say that I had no “work” to do.

Happy boy

Happy boy

Over the last 12 weeks, I’ve kissed D thousands of times. I’ve watched lots of Law & Order and Cold Case. I’ve read Moo, Baa, La, La, La probably 50 times. I’ve changed a billion diapers. I’ve rocked Daniel to sleep hundreds of times. I’ve sung to him more than I can count. I even read around 10 or 12 books. I’ve watched him change from a tiny, scrawny newborn to a plump, active 11-week-old who likes to chat and coo.

I’ve had a great time. It was a great summer vacation. My primary goal is to maintain perspective as I return to work and keep work firmly in its slot and family in a much bigger slot. I’m excited that it is almost fall and the fun we are going to have with our sweet boy.

Fingers crossed that I survive Monday!

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