Onesies: A Love Affair

In my last post, I mentioned how ecstatic I was that the stinky stump had finally fallen off (don’t worry–we found it easily and disposed of it immediately. I hope it isn’t considered a bio hazard. Oh well) because now I could dress Daniel in the plethora of cute outfits he has.

And oh, I have! He has been spending a lot of time in onesies primarily because I think they are cute. Is there a cuter word than “onesie”? It just screams “adorable” and “baby.” Secondly, Daniel is still pretty small, and all the 0-3 clothes he has are too big, so onesies are the only things we have in newborn size. So see, there is a method to my madness!

I do fear that I love dressing him up a tad too much. I keep reminding myself that he isn’t a doll! But hey, the baby has to wear something, right? We knew he looked good in yellow based on the t-shirts he’s been wearing, but we’ve also discovered that he looks good in green and blue as well đŸ™‚ The jury is still out on red.

So now I present to you Daniel in a onesie fashion show!

His very first onesie.  Couldn't resist that one!

His very first onesie. Couldn't resist that one!

Beautiful in blue!

Beautiful in blue!

Gorgeous in green!

Gorgeous in green!

Sleepy in red

Sleepy in red

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