Cute Clothes, Here We Come!

Daniel has a drawer full of adorable onesies and a closet full of seriously cute outfits. However, for the last 3 weeks he has been wearing only kimono-like t-shirts, a diaper, swaddle blanket and occasionally a smile. This wardrobe choice was a victory of function over form because 1) it was easy to get him in the side-snap t-shirts (no small thing when you are changing shirts several times a day or within 10 minutes due to your failure to appreciate the range of your baby’s equipment) and 2) the t-shirts were ideal while the umbilical stump was, um, rotting and needed to be exposed to air.

My friends, the day had come. Today Daniel will be dressed in an onesie and taken on the town (ok 10 minutes down the road to the local bakery). You see, when I changed his diaper this morning, the stump was gone! At last! Finally! Three weeks to the day of his birth!!! No more stinky belly button!

I am elated. At the same time, I’m going to miss his t-shirts. The white ones were pretty utilitarian, the baby equivalent of an undershirts, but he has three yellow ones that look great on him. Yellow is definitely his color. He came home from the hospital in one. I know this milestone of moving on to onesies and real clothes doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t wear a t-shirt ever again, but it would be too easy for me, creature of habit that I am, to dress him only in t-shirts. So onesies it is.

Happy 3 weeks, Little Man! You are growing up!

One comment

  1. I sure hope you find the stump, eeks.

    Love your blog! You sound so good and happy. He is just too too adorable. Can’t wait to meet him.

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