Daniel Wakes Up and Stinky Belly Buttons

The smile that eluded me most of the week!

The smile that eluded me most of the week!

Daniel woke up this week. Now, K, you might say. That’s ridiculous. He wakes up every day. Well, yes, of course he does (thank God!). What I mean is that the easy newborn sleep-all-the-time period has worn off. We had a pretty easy first two weeks. He ate, slept and pooped and peed. He was easy! Sometimes we had to wake him to eat and often, he fell asleep while eating. I knew in the back of my mind, though, that harder times were approaching. And the pediatrician kept warning us that once babies hit two weeks, they become fussier.

Let’s just say that Daniel continues to be on track developmentally šŸ™‚ It’s been a bit of a rough week because first of all, J returned to work on Wednesday. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been alone with Daniel before, but there was always the knowledge that he would be back in a few hours. I had really enjoyed the last two weeks with J as well. It was a really special time, and it sort of felt like we were outside of reality, just cocooned in our house with the kitties and Daniel. But it had to end since we, alas, are not independently wealthy (lottery drawings are Wednesday and Saturday FYI). I hoped that J returning to work would also help us continue to develop a routine since someone would have a schedule to which to adhere.

A rare quiet moment

A rare quiet moment

[So, Wednesday, not only did J return to work but also Daniel chose that day–after being perfectly angelic the previous two days–to let me know that he was changing and had needs. Cue the incessant crying! He would nap in the morning in the Pack N Play but no longer in the afternoon until about 5pm when he would crash. I thought–hoped–it was just an one-time occurrence on Wednesday because of overstimulation but the pattern continued on Thursday and Friday with the meltdowns coming earlier in the day. Oy. After some frantic Googling (what would I do without my iPhone since I can type with one hand while the other holds a baby!), I realized that he was being normal and discovered that what he really wanted was to be held by his momma. That’s fine, and I’m happy to do that, carrying him from the bedroom to the living room as we watch one episode of Snapped or my fave, Law & Order, over and over. The problem is that I can’t put him down! If I put him down, he shrieks. He wants to be with me. That would be great if I had 3 or 4 arms so I could get some stuff down while holding him, but it’s hard when you have only one free arm.

Today I had to get out of the house, so I conquered my fear of the car seat and put him in the car. Today I introduced him to the public library and also to WalGreens. He slept in the car seat the entire time and was so quiet that I actually almost pulled over a few times to check on him. It was so great to get out of the house and to feel a little bit in control! As soon as it cools down a bit, I’m going to take him for walks in his stroller. I think we both will enjoy that. Right now he is enjoying his bouncy seat–thank goodness! He’s been eating more frequently the past few days, and I think he’s going through a growth spurt. It hurts me so much to hear him shriek, though, because I just want to make it better šŸ˜¦

I love a hooded towel!

I love a hooded towel!

[My sweet boy has become stinky. And I don’t mean behaviorally! Literally stinky thanks to his belly button. His umbilical stump is–rotting?–nicely and giving off a very pungent odor. We noticed it on Monday or Tuesday and called the nurse after I Googled it and couldn’t decide if some odor was ok or a bad thing. The nurse said it was ok as long as he doesn’t have other signs of infection, which he doesn’t. But shooo-weeeee! He is stinky! We are religiously applying alcohol to the stump and it seems to separate more and more each day, but we are soooo ready for it to fall off. I can’t believe that Daniel is 17 days off and STILL has his stinky stump! We have family and friends coming over this weekend, and I feel like I need to make apologies for my baby boy’s smell. Hopefully by Monday it will be gone. I think the odor has invaded my nostrils because I seem to smell it everywhere. Ew!

Other than that, things are going well! I managed to start and finish a book this week, which was blissful. J and I ARE developing a routine, and I’m getting about 4 good consecutive hours of sleep until it is my shift, and then I sleep off and on for a few hours between feedings until about 9 or 10. That is nice. I’m pretty worn out today, though, as is J, who has been SO great making sure that I get a decent bit of sleep. I worry about whether he is getting enough sleep, but I figure that lack of sleep is just part of it right now.

Daniel meets Alley Cat, a precious item from my childhood!

Daniel meets Alley Cat, a precious item from my childhood!

I’m enjoying being at home. I made home-cooked meals twice this week, which was the first time in months due to the construction and school chaos. It was nice to cook again! J and I watch Mad Men, and I amused him by greeting him at the door yesterday with an Old Fashioned. Too bad I didn’t have an apron and dress with a crinoline LOL. It’s probably the lack of sleep and general feeling of delirium, but I even had thoughts of finally making pies this summer. A homemade berry pie with a hand-made crust. Pastry making isn’t necessarily my forte, but I haven’t really made a pie, so I’m sure that practice can only improve it.

And Daniel continues to change every day! His eyes are wide open and hopefully will stay blue like J’s. He continues to chub up, and we have congratulated ourselves that we have begun to decipher some of his cries. Oops, there he goes…Off to feed him!


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  1. Get a sling or a baby bjorn carrier! When Sam was going though his wanting to be held all the time phase, I just strapped him on–it was the only way to get anything done! With the baby bjorn it’s especially nice because he will be snuggled right up against you!

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