The First Week

After Daddy manicured his talons, I mean nails.

After Daddy manicured his talons, I mean nails.

We have a Pack N Play in our living room. Vaseline and baby q-tips on the mantle. The dishwasher runs constantly so we always have a supply of clean bottles. I think the temperature in our house is permanently elevated due to the dryer going because we do several loads of baby clothes every day.

And I love it. I LOVE it!

Daniel will be a week old on 6:48 am Tuesday, and it’s been a great week. The first night home was a little rough. He was very fussy once the medicine for his circumcision wore off and he was starving. We tried feeding him, but he wouldn’t eat. My mother and J sent me to bed around 10 since I had been up over 40 hours at that point. It was hard to sleep because I could hear Daniel wailing, and it broke my heart. I was freaking out a bit because he was supposed to have peed by around 9pm, but we didn’t think he had, and he wasn’t eating, and I was so close to suggesting that J and my mother call the pediatrician and make sure everything was ok. J began to wonder if the problem was with the formula and ran to the grocery store to buy some of everything they had, and he also bought some bottles with very small nipples. Those bottles and nipples saved the day. Daniel finally started eating. I got up around 1am because he was still crying, and J and I stayed up with him all night. He fell asleep around 6am, and we’ve been using those bottles ever since.

SW says hello to Daniel

SW says hello to Daniel

He’s a very good baby. He sleeps a lot and whimpers only when he need his diaper changed or is hungry. And his cries and whimpers are the most adorable things in the world. He melts us. I could just kiss him and hold him all day long. He’s up to eating between 1.5-2 ounces at each feeding. We had our first pediatrician appointment last Thursday, and she declared him perfect 🙂 Of course he is!

It has been so fascinating to note the changes that seem to occur each day. He is getting more hair, and his eyelashes are coming in. He’s keeping his eyes open longer and focusing a bit more. I think he has gained a bit of weight (he lost only 6 ounces after birth); his little knees don’t seem as bony as they were. We gave him a sponge bath last night, and he hated it LOL.

I haven’t been able to dress him in any of his plethora of cute outfits yet because we’ve been keeping him in t-shirts to let his stump heal. It’s healing nicely and hasn’t been completely awful to clean. We’re getting the hang of diaper changes too. We’ve been “christened” twice, and the funniest part was the look on Daniel’s face LOL. And he loves being swaddled! A couple of friends gave us several pre-shaped swaddling blankets at a shower, and we bought a few more. Well, Daniel loves being swaddled so much that we bought 3 or 4 more so we always have a clean one (or two) on hand!

Daniel and Momma

Daniel and Momma

The cats are adjusting well too. Lucy watches from afar, but is very loving towards us. The other two are more curious about him. We’ve let them sniff him and his clothes, and so far, so good.

We’ve had a fair amount of visitors. My mother came over on Wednesday and stayed with us until Sunday. She cooked great food for us, insisting we eat, and cleaned and washed clothes like a machine. She dotes on her baby boy! J’s mother and grandparents came over last Friday, and it was sweet seeing how happy they were to meet our sweet boy. J’s mom came over today and kept an eye on Daniel while J did some paperwork, and I took a nap. We’ve been getting some sleep, but I feel like we are still playing catch-up a bit. Hopefully starting tomorrow, we can begin trying to find a real routine.

He’s just wonderful, and we are so happy to have him home with us.



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