Shower Pics

While I’m twiddling my thumbs, I’ll post a few pics I’ve been meaning to post. We had two more showers on May 16 and 17, and they were great. The first shower was my work shower. It was hosted by 5 coworkers at another coworker’s house, and it was wonderful. Good food, good drinks, and we were touched by how many coworkers (including guys!) came out on a Saturday to celebrate with us. One even drove from Greensboro!

The other shower was in my hometown and was very nice. My mother made all the food, so it was yummy, and it was a nice, cozy shower with my aunts, cousins, few family friends and old friends. We received many wonderful gifts, but it was even better spending time with family and friends on a rainy Sunday.

After the shower we visited my cousin L and saw her 9-day-old baby boy. OMG, it was awesome. He was so tiny but so adorable. And so soft! L insisted I pick him up, and I did, and he slept the entire time, only whimpering and grunting from time to time. J and I looked at each other, enraptured. We can’t wait to meet our WB! Of course at this point, he might be 9 pounds by the time he is born LOL.

These pics are from my work shower:

Sock Monkey and I

Sock Monkey and I

A coworker's gift has me in hysterics

A coworker's gift has me in hysterics

Adorable piggy bank

Adorable piggy bank

Opening J's mother's special gift

Opening a special gift

Wonderful cake made my coworker!

Wonderful cake made my coworker!

The stained glass that J's mom made for WB

The stained glass that MIL made for WB


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