Our Evening in L&D at Rex

Nursery progress

Nursery progress

We reached 38 weeks on Wednesday, and it turned out to be a rather eventful day though not as eventful as it could have been!

F texted me around 8am to tell me that she was having some strong contractions that weren’t regular and to keep my phone close to me just in case. I had been pretty torqued before and that news made me really torqued. Later that afternoon she told me that while the contractions were still irregular, they were getting stronger and she was feeling pressure. She called the OB, and they wanted her to come in to be checked at 4:30.

I called J, and we headed to the OB, PBO and cord blood kit in hand. Everything felt very surreal at that point. The doctor checked her, and she was 3 cm dilated but there were other indications that she wasn’t quite ready yet. Still, to be safe, the doctor sent her to the birthing center to be monitored. They put her in triage and hooked her up to a monitor. It was fun watching the contractions! After about 40 minutes, they told her to go walk around and see if that would help things progress, so we made the circuit around L&D countless times. I watched a nurse wheel an isolette containing a newborn by us and wondered if we would have one of those soon.

We returned to triage and waited for a nurse to hook F back up to the monitor. And waited and waited. Turns out that they had three women back-to-back who came in ready to give birth. We were understandably lower priority! Finally, they hooked her back up, and the contractions looked the same. The doctor checked her, and she was still only 3cm, so he sent us home.

F was disappointed, but I was ok because I wasn’t going to allow myself to get excited until I knew it was going to happen. Plus, we didn’t have our bags packed, and there were still a few work things I wanted to finish up. J and I had a late dinner at Chili’s, and as soon as I got home, I packed our bags LOL.

Things have been pretty quiet since Wednesday. F is still having contractions, but they aren’t as strong as they were on Wednesday. We’re in a holding pattern. I’m interpreting Wednesday as WB’s way of telling us that we need to get ready, and it was very useful to focus me on what’s important right now.

It’s Friday AND it’s a long weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it because I am exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well and could use some quality relaxation time. There would be a nice symmetry if WB arrived this weekend because I started the shots for this cycle on Labor Day weekend. We shall see!


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