37 Weeks

Me marvelling over a teeny tiney t-shirt

Me marvelling over a teeny tiney t-shirt

So, as of Wednesday we are 37 weeks. I was talking to a coworker today about a deadline for getting content to me, and I realized that we could have a baby next week. I’m not sure how likely that is, but in my mind, any point after May 20 is fair game (and F told me yesterday she didn’t think she’d go much beyond 38 weeks. Wow). Obviously I understand that the point of all this is to result in a baby, but OMG, he could be here next week. Next freaking week. And if not next week, then very likely the week after. There is a surreal element to all this that is setting in. I am logistically not ready for him to come, but I am emotionally SO ready. It is odd, however, to realize that we are considered full term!

Speaking of being ready, we have a nursery! J gave me the best Mother’s Day gift by finishing the baby’s room. I’ve been washing baby items like mad, and the nursery has come along nicely. I feel like it is missing some accessories, but we’ll get there. I just wanted him to have a nursery. J and I will go to the nursery, open the door, and grin like fools. It is soooooo cute!! I’m really pleased at how it looks.


Nursery semi done!

Nursery semi done!

In other flooring news, this is likely our final night in the living room. Yay! Tomorrow we will be moving our furniture back into the bedroom. Whew! Maybe we can have a day or so of life being slightly normal before it is turned upside down again by WB’s arrival. I doubt it 🙂 It feels great nearing the end of this project. We never intended it to take so long, but it finally is about to end. And the floors look great. They really do.

We had our first shower last Saturday, and it went very well. J and I had a great time and were surrounded by friends and family. We received some great books for WB as well as some much-needed baby items. We feel a tad bit more prepared now that we’ve had that shower. I woke up on Sunday with a sore right shoulder, and I was baffled as to why it was sore. It finally hit me: my cousin had let me practice on her 6-month-old baby Isaac. He’s 15 pounds, and I held him for 45 minutes at least. That explains it! I had no idea babies could build your muscles so.We have showers #2 and #3 this weekend. It’s a weekend of showers! Both will be fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing coworkers and old friends.


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