Status Check

Today we reached 36 weeks. At our appointment last week, F was 1 cm dilated. Now that doesn’t mean anything really except that things are moving in the right direction and getting ready for labor. However, hearing the doctor say that she was dilated at all freaked out J and I quite nicely! We’ve graduated to weekly appointments, and our next appointment is tomorrow.

As for the house…I wish I could say the floor project was finished and we were no longer sleeping in the living room and more importantly that the nursery was finished, but alas, I cannot. We really are very close, but J and I are getting a little stressed. I spent two hours scrubbing our bathroom on Sunday because, well, it really, really needed it but it was something I could control! And sadly, I enjoyed cleaning it. I had my iPod and just scrubbed. You know it’s bad when you enjoy cleaning! I don’t think either of us ever dreamed it would take so long to put hardwoods in three bedrooms. In case you’re wondering, what we have left is to install the baseboards in the nursery and the master bedroom. Sounds easy, no? The installation is, but J is making the baseboards, and it involves sanding them, two coats of poly, another round of sanding and then two more coats of poly. You can put on 1 coat of poly each day, so it is a multi-day project. The super fun part is that it entails J and I spending an hour shut in the stuffy bedroom (no fan because of the dust it might kick up), inhaling the fumes from the poly as we brush it on. By the time we are finished, we are quite loopy. But it’s quality time for the two of us.

I turned in my final project for my grad class last Friday, and I was working right down to the wire, which is exactly how I didn’t want it to go. Oh well. My project turned out better than I expected, but I personally don’t feel it’s my best work. I don’t care. It’s done and it’s one more thing completed.

Work is still crazy. I’m still trying to make the plans I need to make, and the days just aren’t long enough. Que sera sera! At some point I just have to accept that they will do fine without me or at the very least muddle through for 12 weeks.

In happier news, we toured the hospital last night and have our baby care class tonight. Yay–we can finally learn how to take care of WB when he arrives LOL! The sad thing is that we paid for the class in early February, and it feels like that was only a few weeks ago.

We also have our first shower this weekend! We are so excited!


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