Roughing It



Anyone who knows me IRL (in real life) would acknowledge that I’m not someone who enjoys camping I like gardening, but the idea of being one with nature is foreign to me despite growing up in the country. I don’t do critters and creepy crawly things, and I have a sort of primordial, vestigial fear of the woods. Therefore, I don’t camp. My idea of roughing it is a sketchy hotel.

As of last week, I am somewhat roughing it in my own house. There are no bugs or creepy crawly things (unless you count the fluff that rolls across the floors no matter how often we sweep), but life in my house has become significantly more chaotic. You see, J and I (and all three cats) are sleeping in the living room. Literally. Our king-sized bed has been moved to the living room. Our clothes have been moved upstairs to the bonus room, and our dressers and nightstands are anywhere they could fit. We have a few other items in a laundry basket. It’s nothing new to be living out of a laundry basket, though, since I’m horrible at putting clothes away! The reason for camping in the living room is because the flooring project has finally moved to our bedroom. Yay! Could there be a light at the end of this flooring tunnel? The downside is that we will be in the living room until the end of April. One week down; two to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so the new digs aren’t exactly a hardship. I know that. It’s just one more thing for me to complain about 🙂 It is definitely interesting sleeping in the living room. We come home and collapse on the bed and turn on the tv LOL. It’s sort of nice. But there is a definite feeling of chaos and claustrophobia. I don’t feel like there is any where in the house I can go to escape because pretty much every room in the house is affected. But that’s ok. I’ll get by. Hopefully I won’t flash the neighbors and scar them for life; however, I really don’t care!

Bit declaring himself dominate over the mattress

Bit declaring himself dominate over the mattress

I started this post last week and was already a week late with it and now I’m even later. My stepfather has arrived tonight for another long weekend on the floors. He and J plan to start installing the floors in our bedroom tomorrow. Yay! I leave for Orlando for a conference on Saturday, so there should be a lot of progress made by then. I’m not thrilled about the Orlando conference. I’m presenting a session. I blithely submitted it in January and was excited when it was selected. It was supposed to be a co-presentation, but my co-presenter graciously ceded to me when our associate director told us that both of us couldn’t go due to budgetary issues. Understandable. But the bad part is that I now have to present by myself. For 90 minutes. Eek! I know it will be fine, but it has been a long time since I presented a 90 minute session. I feel confident about my session content finally, but it still is a little nervewracking. Keep your fingers crossed for me at 3:30 on Monday, April 20. I will be breathing a lot easier at 5pm on that day b/c it will finally be over. And then I can focus on finishing my project for my grad school class. Double yay. Thankfully, May 1, all of the big obligations will be over. And then it will be 150% baby, baby, baby! LOL

J and I have marveled at how out-of-control we feel this year. Life has been truly crazy. The baby has made life speed up exponentially, but I didn’t anticipate becoming management as of January 6!!! And I have never had a school semester go by as quickly as this one has. I have two more class sessions, but I’ll be present at only the last one since I’ll be in Orlando next week. I can’t believe it. One more drive to Chapel Hill on Monday after work. That is so awesome. But it’s bad because it means I need to figure out WTF my final project is on.

I’m sorry. I realize I am rambling, but in some ways, that’s what my life feels like right now: stream of consciousness rambling.

I hope to have nice pictures to post of our bedroom soon. And it’s possible that when I return from Orlando, we will be ready to decorate the nursery completely!

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