Checking Things Off the List

Nursery furniture

Nursery furniture

Sometimes I feel like our to-do list to prepare for WB’s arrival is a mile long. And it seems to be a magical to-do list in that it appears to grow longer instead of shorter. For example, I discovered today quite by accident (thanks, E! I’ll email you later) that we would need a deep freezer to store the breast milk that F (and others) have offered to pump for us if we wanted it to last as long as possible. Oh. Good to know. And it suddenly dawned on me today that I have no idea how to prepare breast milk. I have been thinking bottles and formula even though I knew we would be using breast milk for at least a few months. How does one defrost it? Do you need to reheat it? Do I need a bottle warming appliance?

A coworker and I were chatting today about changes he needs made to a section of our website. No problem said I and then I realized that maybe I should tell him that I want to put a moratorium on major web changes after mid-May until late August. And THEN I realized that crap, that’s not far off. This year has been insanely busy for both J and I due not only to WB but also to work in general. In my head, it should be only mid-February but here we are in late March almost April. My God, later next week I might be able to say that we are having a baby NEXT month! While people know what’s going on at work (most of them anyway) and I’ve been talking about making plans for when I’m out, it suddenly occurred to me today that I really need to make and publicize plans soon. Where has the time gone? F told me that the pregnancy would go by quickly but honestly, I didn’t believe her. Yet here we are at 30 weeks (!), and I feel disoriented as I figure out how half a year passed by in the blink of an eye. Wow.

But anyway, J and I have made some progress on our to-do list. Tuesday we went to baby mecca also known as Babies R Us and ordered our nursery furniture. We walked in thinking we wanted certain pieces and within 5 minutes had changed our minds completely. I like what we picked. Unfortunately, the crib was the only thing still in stock. It will arrive in about 2 weeks. The dresser is back-ordered until mid-April, and the nightstand is on hold for about 14 weeks. The set has an armoire as well, but it also is back-ordered and we aren’t set on it. I’d love to have a fully completed nursery by the time WB arrives, but we felt like the crib was the most important thing. If the dresser isn’t in by mid-May, we’ll buy an inexpensive changing table. We had picked out a style of glider we liked but were told it would take 14-16 weeks for the glider if we wanted to change the wood or fabric. It sort of shocked both of us to tell the lady that we didn’t have 14-16 weeks. Serendipitously, BRU had assembled a second floor model of a high-end glider, and the lady told us she could knock off $100 if we bought it because she needed to move it. I sat in it and declared it wonderful, and J examined it from every angle, and we got it. I am so happy to have gotten a really nice chair for the same price we wanted to pay overall. Yay!

We also settled on a daycare. After I posted last week that J and I were thinking of a daycare close to home, he went to visit it and its sister location last Friday and declared them unsuitable. His impression was that they seemed a little lackadaisacal with security and employee relations. He just didn’t get a good vibe from them. He ended up returning to Raleigh and visiting the expensive place we toured last week as well as another daycare next door to it. He called me, excited, because he LOVED the second daycare. He said it was fresh, clean and new like we wanted. I toured it with him on Tuesday, and I loved it too. It is so nice! The rooms are carpeted, the babies look happy and the rooms are big enough that I have no fear a baby will be stepped on like I did in the other two places. The director put us on their waiting list right then and pretty much assured us of a spot in late August. That’s a relief! We both timed it, and the daycare is 10 minutes away from our offices. It’s a 3-star facility, and they are working on their 4th star. Their prices are very reasonable as well. I feel like we stumbled onto a gem of a place, and I’m happy to have friends who send their children there as well. I think that WB will be very content there, and I really like being able to visit him at lunch. Our next big task will be selecting a pediatrician, but that process has been made easier a bit by the fact that we know where daycare will be.

In other news, yeah, we reached 30 weeks on Wednesday. I’m still amazed. F said that WB kicks and moves non-stop. I love hearing that!


  1. As as former exclusive pumper, I will email you a breastmilk handling tutorial… Glad you found a daycare you and J like! Going back to work will be hard no matter what, but having confidence in WB’s caregivers will make a world of difference.

  2. That furniture is adorable!
    I too, am a pumper, and preparing breastmilk is easy. You only need deep freeze if you plan on keeping it 6 months or more. And if you use it in the order it comes in, that shouldn’t be a problem. The NICU used a regular refrigerator and freezer.
    Regular old hot tap water is how we warm our milk. It’s also how they did it in the hospital. No special appliances needed. Here’s a great article on storage and prep of breastmilk:
    Remember, though, breastmilk doesn’t have enough vitamin D, so you have to get the baby vitamins!
    Hope all is well!

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